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Bayport My Budget Booster Campaign


Bayport Financial Services Pty (Ltd).


Bayport needed to sell a new product to their client base which allowed their clients to manage their loans more effectively and allow them to top-up their loans which in turn relieves your cash flow and reduces the pressure that cash loans places on an individual.


The final campaign was launched successfully across various channels ranging from online through to print media. A fun and effective ‘1, 2, 3’ approach was formulated to give the campaign an identity and to make it easy to understand to the consumer. We conceptualised a campaign which needed to be easily executable with elements that allowed for a quick turnaround.

Some of the items produced included a large stacked cube standee, flyers, online banners as well as a full video campaign. The video campaign was a joint venture between REDTEN and the talented crew at The Maze. Using professional voice over artists, background music and 3D animation, The Maze produced a range of videos guided by the storyboard supplied by REDTEN.

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